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Montauk fly fishing and light tackle report 09/20/08

Another great week out in Montauk, the fishing remains strong.  Had two guys out for a trip this week that really stands out.  I had been trying to get Bill Casey and Ron DeMarco out fishing for some time but there was always some conflict until Wednesday.  We got under way and were heading out of the harbor into an incoming tide and just in front of the boat a mini blitz of cocktail blues erupts.  Well Bill and Ron just had to get in on it, and out came the fly rods, how could I say no it was their trip.  With some encouragement from me it was a brief stop with several fish landed.  These guys were pumped and we hadn’t left the harbor.  Once we made it out to Shagwong we stopped at the huge schools of big blues all over the surface.  Ron couldn’t stop pointing them out.  After a few lost flies I put on some wire bite tippet for the guys and they were like little kids.  It didn’t matter to them that the fish weren’t bass or albies they just couldn’t get enough they didn’t want to leave.  I slowly made way to the light house following one school after another making headway south.  By the time we got to the south side the tide was already starting to ebb and the first school of fish we get on Bill yells “Bass, they are all bass”.  They just couldn’t believe it.  For two surf guys blitzing blues is something to get excited about but bass was a whole other level.  With the bite tip still on there was no problem hooking up, any small rain bait pattern was working.  It wasn’t long until they started to show fatigue and picked up the spinning rods.  Spinners didn’t seem to have the hook up rate for bass as the fly did but if a bass didn’t grab the lure a blue did and they were fine with that.  I am surprised it happened but they did eventually put the rods down and just watch and take pictures.  Then that was it they were exhausted, we were exhausted.  We started heading back at a slow pace blitz after blitz still going on.  As we rounded Shagwong they wanted to hit a few more blues, one each and the rods went back in their holders, they were done.  Total for the day was countless blues and bass with most bass between 28 and 30 inches.  We didn’t hit any albies but neither seemed to mind.  Also congratulations to Bill on his first real keeper, Sean Casey 8.5 pounds 21.5 inches.

Montuak fly fishing and light tackle report 09/12/08

Looks like the start to an early fall run this year. The bass last year didnt make a strong showing until mid October and this year Labor DAy weekend brought schools of bass along the south side with fish over 25# mixed in. Yesterday 9/11 the albies showed, and they showed in huge schools. Blue fish are also there in large numbers and with fish over 10#. The fish are feeding on the small rain bait that is here in massive numbers. The clouds of bait that is in the water now is impressive and encouraging for the fall run.

Montauk fly fishing and light tackle report 10/17/07

It looks like last weeks NE wind and rain did the trick. The water in Montauk dropped from 66 degrees to 60 degrees in a week. Schools of bass have be showing with fish over 20 pounds, the false albacore (albies) are back to agressive feeding. The bass and false albacore (albies) also seem to be out numbering the blue fish. All three species are still feeding on rain bait mostly less the two inches in length. I am hoping that the albies stay around a little longer.

Montauk fly fishing and light tackle reprot 10/04/07:

Fishing for the false ablies has been great so far and showing no sign of slowing down. We are actually catching more albies then blues, probably a 3-1 ratio. The big concentrations of bass have not really showed yet but that should all change in the next week or two. Due to cancelations the weekend of the 13th and 14th is available and should provide some excellent fishing.

June 03, 07
This spring has been an exceptional one. Starting the first week of May we had large schools of bunker all over the Great South Bay as well as Patchogue Bay, most likely a result in the increased regulations for commercial netting. This has brought in large blue fish schools right into the Patchogue Bay, haven’t seen this in a while.  Also the weak fish have arrived into the local rivers and creeks. As usual bass have been in both the Moriches and Fire Island inlet areas.  The increased fluke regulations haven’t been a problem this year as most people thought they would, as many fish are being caught well over the new legal limit of 19.5”.  While fishing is red hot right now we still anticipate the arrival of the pelagic species such as shark and tuna.  This should be within the next few weeks.  



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